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When most people think about coverage of the New York Football Giants, they think about Dave Klein, who spent 35 years at The (Newark, N.J.) Star-Ledger as the beat writer covering this four-time Super Bowl championship team. Since leaving in 1996, Klein has been the owner-operator of E-GIANTS, a unique team newsletter devoted to the Giants.

He attends every game, both home and on the road. He is in the locker room, in the press box, gathering information and interviews and special statistics you won't find anywhere else. More than that, his nearly 54 years of contact with the Giants and the NFL make him the single most knowledgeable "historian" of the team, and possibly the most irreverent.

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Klein is one of only THREE sportswriters who have covered all 49 Super Bowls. He has authored more than 20 books, both fiction and non-fiction and mostly about the Giants. He can pick up the telephone and get almost anybody in the National Football League to respond.

Klein has gone through 10 head coaches -- Allie Sherman, Alex Webster, Bill Arnsparger, John McVay, Ray Perkins, Bill Parcells, Ray Handley, Dan Reeves, Jim Fassel and the current man-in-charge, Tom Coughlin.

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Klein's experience covering the New York Giants is proof that a subscription to E-GIANTS can give you non-stop, comprehensive and unique coverage of the team.

E-GIANTS also brings readers columns and analysis from Aaron Klein and Scott Landstrom, who offer unique perspectives and varying opinions to the table, enabling us to deliver the most comprehensive coverage of the Giants football available.

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